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This event is suitable for Ealing maintained schools and all other schools
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Event code EYC 22/141 
Event description In spring / summer 2022, a small group of early years leaders piloted the formation of an online EYFS Collaborative Hub: ‘Outdoor Play in all Weathers’. 

This academic year, EYFS Collaborative Hubs have been expanded to include many other aspects of early years practice.

The aims of the EYFS Collaborative Hubs are for our early years leaders to co-develop, share, align and sustain:

1.  Highly inspirational early years education and leadership within and between our early years settings (Childminders, Children Centres and PVIs) and schools:

  • Locality-based

  • Cross-locality

  • Nationally & globally

2.  High educational outcomes and closed gaps for all children, and thus ensure that the start of every child’s learning journey, from the EYFS, is successful for all learners – irrespective of ethnicity; those with SEND, different starting points; and the lowest 20% or 10%

3.  Sector-led and self-sustaining collaborative partnerships, that centre on:

  • The original focus of this hub

  • Emerging needs-led and / or enquiry-led foci

4.  Content development regarding highly inspirational practice that is research-driven and worthy of dissemination locally, nationally and globally

NB: It is envisaged that eventually hubs will engage in joint practice-based visits to each other’s settings

The EYFS Collaborative Hubs can be attended as a stand-alone CPD initiative or as one of the requirements of the ‘Inspirational Settings Programme’

Foci, Composition & Localities of EYFS Collaborative Hubs

Target Audience and Foci

  • Early years leaders and their practitioners wishing to share and / or develop their EYFS practice in the following areas:

EYFS Collaborative Hubs - 2022-2023


  1. Highly Inspirational Emotional Environments: Wellbeing, Attachments and Transitions

  2. Highly Inspirational Enabling and Challenging Environments: Indoor and Outdoor

  3. Highly Inspirational Parent Partnerships: Respectful, Trustful and Collaborative

  4. Highly Inspirational Inclusive SEND Practice

  5. Highly Inspirational Race Equity Practice & Safeguarding our Black Children’s Learning

  6. Highly Inspirational Adult-Child Interaction (including critical thinking, problem-solving and calculated risk-taking)

  7. Highly Inspirational Early Reading

  8. Highly Inspirational Writing and Mark-Making

  9. Highly Inspirational Maths

  10. Highly Inspirational ‘STEAM’: Expressive Arts and Design & Understanding the World

NB: ‘STEAM’ is the acronym for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, and is often used throughout later key stages and in industry

Composition of EYFS Collaborative Hubs
Spaces for each of the EYFS Collaborative Hubs are allocated for early years leaders, and their practitioners, working in each of the following contexts:

  • Childminder settings

  • Children Centres

  • Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) settings

  • Nursery schools

  • Infant and primary Schools

Localities of EYFS Collaborative Hubs

Where possible, EYFS Collaborative Hubs will be in online locality-based groups.  However, it is possible that due to the geographical spread of the early years leaders wishing to participate in specific EYFS Collaborative Hubs, some hubs may consist of two or more of the following localities:

  • Acton and Chiswick

  • Ealing and Hanwell

  • Greenford and Perivale

  • Northolt

  • Southall

Target Audience: School EYFS Leaders; PVI Managers/Deputies; Childminders; Children Centre Staff, EYFS Subject leaders

Free: Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership Premium early years settings / ELP Schools
£50: All other early years settings and schools 
£30: Childminders not subscribed to the Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership 
Training objectives  
Key stages
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Subject areas Leadership and management
Target audience Childminders, Children's Centre Staff, Early Years Practitioners, EYFS: All Early Years Childcare and Play, EYFS: Early Years Professionals (EYP's), EYFS: Heads of children’s centres, EYFS: Leaders / managers in maintained settings, EYFS: Leaders / managers in private, voluntary and independent (PVI) settings, EYFS: Practitioners in private, voluntary and independent (PVI) settings
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Course Costs
Early Years Settings (premium)£0.00
Childminders (premium)£0.00
Charging bands
Childminders (standard)£30.00
Early Years Settings (standard)£50.00
ELP Schools£50.00
ELP Schools£0.00
Start date Thursday 10 November 2022
Times 10:00 - 11:30
Number of sessions 1