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Event code EYC 21/199 
Event description

This briefing is for all managers; regardless if your setting have or haven't bought back in to the Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership 2021-22.

The managers briefing is your opportunity to connect with colleagues, specialists and services to learn about local and national updates. Management can be complex especially when you need to keep up-to-date with changes, new initiatives or information that may directly impact the running of your setting. Time to consolidate thinking, share good practice and to network with other managements is all provided at this briefing.

Course Pre-Requisites
This course is aimed at leaders and managers.
The setting must be based in Ealing.
The practitioner must be based at a setting where there isn’t a subscription in place; the network is at a cost to the provider.


Local and national updates

  • Public Health updates (5 minutes)

  • Future managers’ briefing dates and proposed delivery (2 minutes)

  • Early Years speech and language team services and other training (2 minutes)

  • Allergy awareness guidance (2 minutes)

  • Welfare and safeguarding audit 20/22 (2 minutes)

  • Seasonal Flu and Norovirus reporting processes and contact details (1 minute)

  • Business and finance updates (2 minutes)

  • Take up of 2-year-old funding (2 minutes)

  • Race Equity in the Early Years (10 minutes)

  • Supervised brushing programme: Oral Health Advisor: Adele Francios (30 minutes)

Discussions and themes arising (20 minutes)

  • Tracking progress and achievement in the EYFS

  • Impact of the Pandemic on our children’s development and progress

Sharing of effective practice

  • Cybertots on the Green; Implementing the EYFS reforms with a focus on OAP: Our journey so far (10 minutes inclusive of Q&A)

Training objectives

Learning Intentions:  

  • To share local and national updates including regular financial updates

  • To raise awareness of good practice, including signposting and links to current resources  

  • To provide opportunities to network with other managers 

  • To encourage networking and collaborative relationships   

Subject areas
Target audience
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Start date Friday 8 October 2021
Times 09:30 - 11:00
Number of sessions 1