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EYFS Courses (for individuals/whole-staff teams) - EARLY READING - Online Webinar

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Event code EYC 23/132 
Event description These online courses/webinars will provide bite-sized key messages to support the reviewing and establishing of the foundations for effective EYFS practice in our early years settings:

·        childminders
·        children centres
·        private, voluntary and independent settings
·        schools (nursery and reception classes) 

Individuals and Whole-Staff Teams
The online courses/webinars are designed to be accessed by individuals and / or, where possible, whole-staff teams, at the most convenient times to suit them.  By doing so, these courses attempt to support whole-staff teams to collectively reflect and to gain a shared understanding whilst learning alongside each other.

These courses
The online courses/webinars will be available to be accessed as follows:

Autumn 2023
•             Aspirational Vision Setting
•             Emotional Environment for Adults
•             Emotional Environments for Children
•             Enabling Environment (outdoors and indoors)
•             Introduction to Inclusive Practice (SEND. EAL & Race Equity)
•             Learning Through First Hand Experiences
•             Parents Training
•             Parents Training SEND
•             Prime Areas
•             SEND Leadership Training

Spring 2024
•             Carpet Times
•             EYFS Collaborative Transition Event
•             Expressive Arts and Design & The World

Summer 2024
•             Early Phonics
•             Early Reading
•             Maths in the EYFS
•             Writing in the EYFS

Target Audience: School EYFS Leaders; PVI Managers/Deputies; Childminders; Children Centre Staff, EYFS Subject leaders, all early years practitioners

Free - Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership Premium early years / ELP Schools
£130 - All other early years settings and schools
£65 - Childminders not subscribed to the Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership 
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Target audience
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Course Costs
Early Years Settings (premium)£0.00
Childminders (premium)£0.00
ELP Schools£0.00
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Early Years Settings (standard)£130.00
Childminders (standard)£65.00
ELP Schools£50.00
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Start date TBA
Times 09:00 - 09:00
Number of sessions 1